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| Oct 12, 2020

Beware the Superman Bypass with Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

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Brothers, this is an easy mistake to make when you’re hurt:

If you turn yourself into Superman, you won’t have to feel the pain you’re in.

It’s one thing to use pain, it’s another to ignore it at your own peril.

In this solo episode of the UNcivilized Podcast, I break this down further.

Listen to it and learn from it.

About Traver Boehm

Traver is inspiring millions of men to shift their experience of masculinity by combining the Primal Masculine with the Divine Masculine. He is an author, speaker, and founder of the Man UNcivilized Movement, as well as a former Strength & Conditioning coach, a CrossFit gym owner, an MMA fighter, a bodyguard, an acupuncturist, and a surfer.

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