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| Jul 05, 2021

Bouncing back from betrayal with Emily Gough

Emily Gough

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Transitions are not easy, especially when we are accustomed to stability, be it emotional, financial, professional, etc.

Hitting rock bottom is not always negative. It can be the beginning of new paths, a new life, or projects, as is the case of today's guest, Emily Gough.

Emily is a woman who turned pain into opportunity. After suffering the infidelity of her partner at the time of 9 years, Emily decided to go further in life and became a human connection & transformational coach.

Today with sympathy and charisma, she shares her story with us. I hope this episode inspires you.

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Emily Gough is a human connection & transformational coach, speaker, mental health advocate, and host of the top 200 Room to Grow ™ Podcast. With years of coaching experience, connection & compassion as superpowers, and a tendency to bring a sense of humor to tough topics, Emily's warm, genuine, down-to-earth, and direct approach encompasses the full mind/body and will give you the guidance, real-life tools, and perspective you need to help you like and trust yourself more to create the life and relationships you deserve. 


Website: Emily Gough Coaching
Podcast: Room To Grow


[2:49] Meet Emily Gough.
[5:10] Transitioning in the middle of the dark.
[11:01] Transforming pain into opportunities.
[15:41] Emily's story.
[28:44] Adding patches to the pain.
[33:42] Emily's second day after the bad news.
[40:56] The journey of betrayal.
[54:08] Where to find Emily.

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