The UNcivilized Podcast

| Mar 05, 2020

Challenging Yourself In Meditation and Uncovering the Truth of Sexual Desires with Steve James

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Disclaimer: Traver’s audio is choppy, but this is a great conversation so bear with us.

Just like with physical health, your meditation practices will only get stronger by pushing and challenging yourself. That’s what we discussed in this episode with Steve James, also known as the Guru Viking. In this episode, Steve and I discuss long-form meditations, his current meditation practices and how he transitioned from the music industry to meditation and consciousness practices. He discusses his thoughts on relationships, sexual intimacy and how people tend to use sex in the same way they use money.

About Steve James

Steve James travels internationally teaching somatic practices, meditation, as well as leading explorations in contemplative, mystic, & relational realms.

Known for his direct, grounded approach and his dedication to first-hand research he has extensive experience in elite athletic performance, contemplative and spiritual disciplines, the arts, extreme outdoor survival, and human behavior.

Connect with Steve

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Instagram: @guruviking

What You’ll Hear

6:23 What Steve is building right now
7:36 How Steve transitioned from the music industry to meditation and consciousness practices
11:16 The similarities in music and meditation
15:45 Why Steve practices longer form meditations
16:48 Steve’s current meditation practice
21:50 Why you have to challenge yourself during meditation
24:14 Challenges from intimacy and relationships
27:25 Why most people assume they should be in a relationship
28:24 Closing the gap between yourself and your partner
29:03 Why a lot of people compromise in relationships and regret it
32:44 Why people endure difficult relationships when they don’t actually want a relationship at all
34:12 How relationships aren’t always nice
36:01 Why not having a sexual partner won’t save you from the burden of being in a relationship
38:01 How the needs of the race aren’t always in line with the needs of an individual
39:30 How Steve feels about relationships
42:23 Why people are having less sex than ever
45:01 The problem with sex and how it can get old if you’ve had plenty of it
47:39 What’s causes our desires for other people
49:01 Why people often are just having sex out of habit
52:38 Judging the underlying assumptions of an endeavor like hooking up
54:21 How people use sex in the same way they use money


“Music is very similar to meditation. It's just a lot more quantifiable and a lot more limited in its scope.”

“It’s very possible to get so into meditation that you forget the point of it.”

“Music is not only for the aficionados and that’s similar to meditation in a sense.”

“I like to meditate because I’m so curious about life. It’s happening with such vividness, such incredible wonder and beauty are available in the sensory experience in the experience of oneself.”

“With meditation, you really start to perceive so very deeply.”

“To imagine you’re going to commit to meditation is almost as foolish as marriage.”

“Very often we don’t really see people.”

“We assume a lot about our environment just to reduce our processing load.”

“Coming face to face with what you actually want to do is terribly threatening because it probably means you're not going to do some of the things you’re doing.”

“The needs of the group are not always the same as the individual.”

“A lot of the reasons that drove people together no longer exist.”

“Sex itself gets old if you’re having plenty of it.”

“Sex itself with it’s associated risk factors isn’t worth it. Why not stay at home and play computer games?”

“Very often we have sex out of habit.”

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