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| Jun 04, 2020

Dismantling Shame With Jules Webber

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You can’t just escape shame from your past, however you can begin to work through (and eventually) overcome the shame that weighs you down. In this episode, I was joined by life and intimacy coach Jules Webber. Jules helps people get into a more intimate, loving relationship with themselves. We talk about her own experience with doing energy and being energy. She shares her journey through shame and how she helps other people to dismantle their shame. Jules and I discuss embracing intimacy with yourself, why she wants “sex to feel like the truth” and how she feels about humanizing intimacy.

About Jules Webber

Jules is a coach, friend, sister, personal cheerleader, and guide. She's here to help you open your heart and talk about what’s inside; all the things you’ve wanted to say, and think, and do, and feel, but may have been too afraid to express. She helps people go within, nurture an intimate and loving relationship with themselves, and experience true Wholeness and belonging.

Connect with Jules

Instagram: @jules.webber

What You’ll Hear

1:48 What’s going on in Jules's world
3:29 How Jules's does her work and who she helps
4:47 The differences between doing energy and being energy
8:05 How Jules's relationship with religion has shifted throughout her life
12:14 What Jules's religious background was and how it’s evolved
16:57 Jules's journey through shame
20:02 Her experience with getting married at a young age
22:22 How she helps people to move through feelings of shame
24:45 How coaching can differ from therapy
29:27 Her thoughts on the pandemic and how it’s causing people to face their own shame
33:16 Learning to embrace intimacy with yourself
41:53 What her quote, “I want sex to feel like the truth,” means to her
49:04 Their thoughts on humanizing intimacy
55:30 What Jules is working on right now
56:34 Her definition of uncivilized


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