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| Oct 11, 2021

Dr Jeremy Goldberg — How to turn your passion into purpose.

Dr Jeremy Goldberg

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One of the common problems I see as a coach is that hundreds of people struggle to find their purpose. Finding your purpose is about finding what makes you happy and still do it for the rest of your life.
Jeremy Goldberg will join us one more time on our podcast in this incredible episode. What I love the most about having him as our guest is that he has the power to inspire people to live wondrous lives, so he is the perfect man to help us with our search for purpose.
It is astonishing how a man of science leaves behind his career to start walking on a new path. After listening to his heart, he now does what he loves the most; helping others.
Is it possible to find our passion through pain? Jeremy has the answer for us.
He is a mentor, writer, speaker, spoken word poet, and behavioral scientist.
His mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. As part of that purpose, he writes articles, sends emails, hosts retreats and workshops, gives TEDx talks, coach clients, hosts a podcast, writes books, and makes spoken word poetry videos. He is also active on Facebook and Instagram, leading an online tribe of more than 35,000 badass humans.
New Year's Costa Rica Unfolding Retreat Dec. 27th 2021- Jan 3, 2022.
Website: Dr. Jeremy Goldberg
[8:40] Meeting Jeremy.
[17:32] How do I know I'm burnout?
[24:37] The heart whispers.
[30:19] The "What if?" thought.
[43:00] Learn how to listen to your heart whisper.
[51:40] From your head to your wallet.
[1:01:58] The importance of understanding marketing and businesses.
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