Exquisitely Broken

Imagine sitting across from a man. A man you know well. And feeling your body relax as he tells you his marriage is over, his wife is cheating.

I put my coffee down on the wooden table, fold my hands in the position in my lap that triggers everything else in the world off and enter into a state of focus.

There is no pain
more exquisite
than heartbreak,
is there?

“I know your hurt,” I tell him, “I’ve been there myself, in the skin you’re in, not knowing whether you want to peel it from your body or set yourself on fire. Anything to remove the hand that’s wrapped itself around your throat and won’t let go. And yeah, betrayal adds an extra layer of hell to the wound you’ve been given. My heart goes out to you brother, I mean that.

Now, what I’m going to say to you next will feel like a slap in the face but this isn’t my first time sitting in this seat, take a deep breath and listen carefully.”

“Congratulations,” I said,
“I know, I’m a dick
for saying it,
but congratulations.
You are now
standing at the
precipice of the greatest
of your life.

The shitty part is that very transformation will have to be purchased with excruciating pain. The beautiful part is the pain is here already. What do you think? Let’s get to work.”

He was and is now on the path to his own personal revolution - his uncivilizing has begun.

The Civilized Man runs and hides from his pain, like a child. He tries to drink it, smoke it, and fuck it away. He numbs himself and buries his heartbreak until he either explodes or it eats him alive.

The Uncivilized Man leans into his pain. He dances with it, lets it speak to him and uses it to penetrate the world. He breathes it in and alchemizes every sweet drop into fuel for his next evolution.

If this is you or a man you know, contact me and let’s get to work. Your evolution and revolution are waiting for you.

Yours Uncivilized,

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