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| Aug 02, 2021

Five-minute breath holds and childhood trauma with Brian Mackenzie

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Have you ever been carried away by impulses, feeling your existence has no purpose and reached a point of constant stress? Then, you're not breathing correctly.

Today's guest is Brian MacKenzie, a human performance specialist. Brian educates people on how to perform at their highest biological potential, and he is here to talk to us about the five minutes breath holds and childhood traumas, everything you need to know to make a shift in your life.

Become a more resilient and fulfilled human. Start doing breathwork.


Founder & CEO UnScared Inc.   SH // FT

Co-Founder & President Health and Human Performance Foundation

Brian Mackenzie is an innovator in human performance on stress adaptation. A pioneer in the development and application of custom protocols to optimize human health and performance. His work harnesses and integrates respiratory, movement, strength, conditioning, and endurance-based training approaches to elicit unprecedented positive results. His protocols have been used to accelerate and raise both: mental and physical performance in world-class Olympic and professional athletes, top executives, and elite military operators, as well as to improve the health of people suffering from various chronic and pathological issues.


[4:47] Meeting Brian MacKenzie.

[12:17] Brian's drive: learn.

[17:13] The UNcivilized Movement Mission.

[18:06] CO2 tolerance breath.

[26:01] The best way to handle our nervous system.

[30:05] Today’s sponsor:

[30:42] How we manage to achieve an authentic and unapologetic life.

[35:11] The first step to deal with childhood trauma.

[40:51] A pandemic of anxiety and the comfort crisis.

[47:58] Exchanging Crossfit for more freedom.

[52:00] Evolving consciousness.

[53:48] Brian's routine.

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