The UNcivilized Podcast

| Nov 27, 2020

Food, race, and health in America with Marlon Aitcheson

Marlon Aitcheson

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Our body is our temple, and that is why we must take care of it, not only externally but also from the inside; that's when food makes its stellar entrance. Food is important because it is what provides us energy and what keeps our bodies working. Today's guest, Marlon Aitcheson, is not only a healthy food chef but also a vegan, an immigrant, and a black man in the United States who without having been in a culinary school and with all the adversities that he has gone through in his life, today is a private chef with amazing talent.

Connect with Marlon

Instagram: @m_aitcheson 

What you'll hear

1:37 Marlon's invitation into the vegan lifestyle.

8:17 "I never been in a culinary school": How Marlon discover his talent

13:04 Family black sheep: Marlon's family reaction about him becoming vegan.

17:22 Steps to start eating healthier

20:43 Join the UNcivilized nation.

21:38 Shifting the mentality about eating healthy.

28:36 Microwave and fast food: the enemy of American cuisine

32:13 Marlon talks about veganism in the black community

37:01 Marlon story about being an immigrant black man in the USA

51:00 Follow your dreams: Marlon's advice.

50:03 Where to find Marlon.

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