Freedom Will Cost You

You want freedom,
Let me tell you,
the last thing
freedom is, is free.
not, and it’s
going to cost you
exactly what you don’t
want to give.

It’s going to cost
you every last ounce
of benefit you
currently receive
from claiming any
kind of victim status.

It’s going to cost you the cushy comfort of your security blanket stories blaming anyone else but you for the life situation you woke up in today. And it’s going to cost you your entire collection of disempowering beliefs.

The ones you fall asleep clutching at night as they kiss your forehead and whisper that it’s ok to live a life other than the one were born to live.

Freedom is the furthest thing from free.


Once you pass through the crucible of your own and the collective Civilized bullshit and come out the other side....well then. Then, with each and every breath you get to bury your face in the exquisite flesh of the divine and feel the pure juices of truth drip down your chin.

Freedom sure as shit isn’t free my friend, nor do you want it to be. So roll your sleeves up and get to work unraveling. Get to work unplugging. Get to work Uncivilizing yourself. Freedom awaits and it’s worth it all.

Yours Uncivilized,

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