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| Jul 12, 2021

From attorney to water woman with Valentine Thomas

Valentine Thomas

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There is nothing better than feeling free, even if it means taking one of the most important transitions of our lives to achieve it.

Today’s guest, Valentine Thomas, is an example of freedom — she is a woman who decided to abandon a stable career in the world of law to immerse herself in the depths of the ocean and live daily from the wonders it offers.

Valentine will join us in today's episode to share with us one of the most powerful messages you will ever hear in your life: Chase life, don't be afraid because freedom is so worth it.


Born in Montreal, Valentine was trained as a lawyer in Canada and worked in finance in London for six years before leaving behind everything to pursue her passions. She quit her job and gave up the urban lifestyle to fiercely advocate for sustainable seafood systems while encouraging people to reconsider their relationship with nature, as well as their self-confidence, health, and wellness.

Currently, Valentine is a world-class spear-fisher, freediving instructor, published author, thought leader, educator, and influencer with a global platform and reach.



Instagram: @valentinethomas


[2:46] From the corporate world to the ocean.
[6:38] Overcoming anxiety.
[9:08] A life trying to fit in.
[17:52] Valentine's face fallings.
[19:56] Sustainable fishing and ocean care.
[21:49] The ocean lifestyle.
[23:04] Valentine's breath journey.
[25:48] The hunter archetype.
[29:09] Returning to the primitive roots of the human being.
[35:54] Health and food.
[43:37] What's next for Valentine.

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