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| Dec 17, 2020

How can you lead in a time of global crisis with Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell

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Have you ever found yourself looking at Youtube at 3 am, watching conspiracy theory videos, or even preparing chocolate pudding at 4 am because you lost control over your life? If so, man, do I have an episode for you.

This was quite an unusual episode where I had the pleasure of speaking to my favorite Kiwi in all the world, Mike Campbell. Mike and I were recording this episode for each other's podcast and: we both hosted it. So you will hear more about me and listen to my thoughts about global hatchets and every day topics that affect men's lives.

We talked about how we show up more for our community, family, and even ourselves. The importance of taking care of us. Why do we make self-judgments. How compassion can save lives, and many other interesting subjects which will help you to take control over your life and help others to take control of their lives too.


Men’s Coach, author, and creator of The Everyday Legends Academy program for men, Mike Campbell, helps everyday men build legendary relationships; with himself, his partner, and his world. Mike's skills and passion sit in making personal development easy to understand, simple to implement, and motivating to execute, so everyday men can better help themselves and others. He does this with a lovingly caring heart, and a firm strong hand - a flowing balance between supporting men with compassion and calling them forward to integrity.


Instagram: @mikecampbellmc


3:39 From Australia to New Zealand: Getting to know Mike.
6:37 The OG UNcivilized man: Getting to know Traver.
7:54 Men's third paradigm.
9:26 How to show up more for your community, family, and yourself.
14:20 The importance of taking care of yourself.
20:07 Self-sabotage and self-judgment and a self-growth barrier.
24:21 How to lead in hatchets times.
30:36 Join the UNcivilized Nation.
35:00 Creating safety through certain.
40:26 Using compassion to help others.
46:29 How to create a compassion revolution by using leadership
58:42 Where to find Mike.

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