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| May 17, 2021

How not to be victimized by your own power with Perri Chase

Perri Chase

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If you are looking for truth, in this episode, you will find it; truth from the mind and mouth of today's guest, Perri Chase. She will share her unique vision of the world. We will be talking about energy, magic, truth, and power, topics that perfectly define the personality of this amazing woman, and today she is here to tell us a little more about it.

This woman is a force, a pistole, and gives a new meaning to the “unapologetic” expression. This episode will blow your mind; you can’t miss it.

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Perri is a Mama, Wife, Woman, Channel, Teacher, and Practitioner of deep devotion to the Feminine. She lives a life in service to the deepest truth, as an energy, in all things and beings. She believes that our total and truest full expression is our soul’s purpose. She teaches pathways in life, relationships, expression, sacred medicine and business that all center the frequency of Feminine Truth, including her Foundations in Energetic Mastery path, DEVOTION. She created the embodiment modality SXBMB and the unique business pathway Magic Led Business.

She lives in Arizona with the love of her life, Kellen and their daughter.


Instagram: @Perri.Chase


[2:47] Servant of Truth and Magic: Meeting Perri Chase.
[16:50] The ego as a defense mechanism.
[23:27] Gender equality and the abandonment of feminine energy.
[32:35] Don't be victimized by your power.
[37:27] Pleasure and responsibility, truth and power.
[40:00] The cancel culture.
[1:01:25] Where to find Perri Chase.

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