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| Feb 08, 2021

How to adventure across the world from a wheelchair with Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams

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From having a life of adventure to turning his life into a unique experience; this is Kirk Williams's story.

After suffering an accident that left him quadriplegic, Kirk figured out ways to travel the world helping others in the same situation.

A trip through South America made him see the reality in underdeveloped countries, where people in wheelchairs often face difficulties in their transportation or do not have the necessary medical care.

In this episode, we will hear the story of Kirk, an inspiring story, that beyond touching your heart, Kirk hopes will be an inspiration for your life. 


Kirk Williams is an adventure photographer, adaptive sports guru, world traveler, and C6/7 quadriplegic. His quest for adventure has taken him to the far reaches of the globe behind the wheel of his custom-designed adapted campervan. With a camera in hand and a story to tell, Kirk hopes to use social media to promote both what's possible as a quadriplegic and raise awareness about global mobility. Whether it's surfing in Costa Rica, fishing in Patagonia, or ATV riding in AK, Kirk loves to try it all-all while campaigning to bring wheelchairs to people around the world who couldn't acquire one otherwise.


Instagram: @Impact.Overland


[2:07] Meet Kirk Williams.

[4:04] Kirk talks about his accident and how he felt.

[16:04] Kirk's breakdown moment.

[20:10] Join the UNcivilized Nation.

[20:59] The importance of a positive mindset.

[27:34] The impact Kirk wants to make on the world.

[37:22] The first night Kirk spent alone in his traveling van.

[48:19] Kirk's next venture.

[55:10] Where to find Kirk.

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