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| Jun 01, 2020

How To Be A Leader During Covid with Connor Beaton

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In this podcast, men’s coach and Man Talks founder Connor Beaton and I discuss how men can become leaders during these difficult times. We dive into the potential challenges we’re facing in the West and how men can step into leadership roles without ever leaving their house.

About Connor Beaton

After apprenticing with a pupil of Carl Jung, he developed an innovative approach to healing the Shadow – the part of our psyche that causes us to self-sabotage – by drawing from experiential and training-based methodologies like Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, along with transformative breathwork and meditative practices.

He's now been working for almost a decade as a NY-based coach, teacher, and speaker to help men (and women) from all over the world walk through their darkness and grow in the realms of mental clarity, relational communication, actualizing their potential and sexual intimacy.

He has a no-BS attitude coupled with a compassionate understanding of our own human limitations. He's coached hundreds of men (and women) through private coaching, group work, workshops, retreats and masterminds.

In 2014, he founded ManTalks, a community for men looking to expand and deepen their sense of self-awareness.

Connect with Connor

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Instagram: @mantalks

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