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| Dec 10, 2020

How to become a parent with Matt Aporta

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The parenthood journey is an experience full of emotions and new challenges. For some, becoming parents is an easy experience, but for others, it may seem like an impossible experience to achieve.

For today's episode, we will have one of the sweetest stories, and today's guest, Matt Aporta, will be the one to share it with us.

The journey of Matt and his wife towards parenthood was a difficult road, full of barriers, that step by step, they were overcoming. From not being able to have children of their own, to adoption, and the multiple trips to court with the daily fear that their little son "Angel" would be taken away from them. Listen to the whole story on today's episode.

About Matt

Matt Aporta is a proud dad through Foster Adoption to his three-year-old son Angel and just as proud of a husband to wife @marybethlarue. He's the VP of Sales for @beekeepers_naturals . They recently located to the mountaintop of Colorado after fifteen years in Los Angeles. He loves being outside, spending time with my family, cooking, a good bourbon and road trips. 


Matt's Instagram: @matt_aporta
Matt's Wife Instagram: @marybethlarue


CDSS Foster Care And Adoptive Resource


2:43 The beginning of Matt's parenthood journey.

18:33 Meeting their baby boy, Angel.

25:34 "We were scared that someone would take away our child": Matt talks about the barriers they had to face to become Angel's legal parents.

33:00 The court process: After taking their baby home, the hardest challenge appeared; the biological father wanting his baby back.

40:00 The moment of celebration: Matt shared with us how he felt after finishing the adoption process.

41:10 Join the UNcivilized Nation.

42:11 "It was the ultimate test": Matt talks about how they as a couple faced those challenges.

49:05 What people should know about being a foster parent.

51:08 Matt talk about what he loves about being a parent.

53:10 Matt advice for people considering adoption.

58:03 Where to find Matt and his wife.

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