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| Dec 14, 2020

How to heal your inner child, repair your relationships, and call in a conscious partner with Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

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Our inner child is often hurt, our inner child suffers, our inner child desperately cries out for support, love, and understanding, and we do not listen. Many of our traumas comes from the inner child we all have, who has suffered since we betrayed him many times and our adult side has not known how to take care of and to heal the wounds properly. Christine Hassler, in addition to being an expert in relationships and spiritual psychology, is an expert in trauma. In this episode, we will learn from Christine how to heal our inner child, how to heal traumas to be able to enjoy better life. We will talk about relationships, about reparenting yourself, how to first repair yourself, and why she has faith in relationships despite many people are freaking tired of them.

Enjoy this pleasant conversation with Christine.


Christine Hassler is a Master coach, facilitator and speaker with over 15 years of experience. She is the best-selling author of three books, most recently Expectation Hangover: Free Yourself From Your Past, Change your Present and Get What you Really Want and is the host of top-rated podcast “Over it and On With It” where she coaches people live on the show. Christine is known globally for her ability to identify what is holding someone back and compassionately guide them to clarity. She also works with companies and organizations to increase the productivity and decrease the stress of their employees. Christine has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and implements elements of NLP, psychology, spirituality, science and a lot of her own diverse life experience into her work. She’s appeared on: The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and The New York Times. Christine believes once we get out of our own way, we can show up to make the meaningful impact we are here to make.


Instagram: @christinehassler
Podcast: Over It And On With It


1:37 Getting to know Christine Hassler

3:16 Why people are scared to look at the roots of their trauma

5:20 Why we should take action on our traumas

8:43 Christine explains the inner child work.

13:04 How to reparent yourself to heal.

14:51 Betraying our inner child.

19:33 How to repair yourself and others.

26:40 Christine's point of view about the feminist movement and the men's culture shift.

31:11 Join the UNcivilized Nation

33:04 What man need to do in a relationship

41:45 "Is nice to get to a point where you don't tolerate shitty relationships" Why Christine has faith in stable relationships.

48:05 Christine's advice for men looking for a conscious woman.

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