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| Nov 12, 2020

How to live off grid by speaking your dreams out loud with Kalle Flodin

Kalle Flodin

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“I'm done, I'll quit my job and move to the forest”, that's exactly what Kalle Flodin did. After looking for a cabin to have as a summer home, Kalle fell in love with it, and his next step was to buy it without expecting that this place would become his home, where he lives now with his girlfriend and their puppy, leaving behind the days of cold and loneliness that he suffered at first.

In this conversation, Kalle and I talked a lot about his life in the woods, about how it's not just the typical wood's life, it's how Kalle adapted it to him with technology and also how he started to generate several incomes. You may ask: how does he live in the woods? Well, press play and find it out.

About Kalle Flodin

My name is Kalle and in the year 2018, I left my full-time job and apartment in Stockholm to live a simple and more meaningful life in the northern parts of Sweden. On Youtube, I share videos and tell stories about simple living, minimalism, personal development, and much more. My wish is to inspire others to also take a leap of faith and escape the rat race to pursue your dreams.

Connect with Kalle

Instagram: @kalleflodin
Patreon: kalleflodin

What you'll hear

1:59 I quit!: Kalle talks about the moment he decided to move out to the woods.

8:59 Kalle's first days in his new home.

11:22 His family and friends support.

14:14 Not another one of the bunch: Kalle talks about why he always wanted to make something different with his life

18:02 The genius behind the content creation: What inspires him.

22:08 Generating incomes while living in the woods.

28:03 Join the UNcivilized nation.

29:06 Loneliness and mental health

33:48 The balance between social media and real life.

36:52 From Denver to Sweden: The moment his girlfriend Cristina moved out with him.

39:17 "Communication has been important": Kalle talks about how his relationship with his girlfriend has been.

44:27 The most unexpected challenges and highlights that Kalle had to face.

48:40 Food in the woods: How they eat and where they buy their food if they're living so far away from the city.

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