The UNcivilized Podcast

| Oct 03, 2021

How to manage overwhelm with Duey Freeman & Michael Gay

Michael Gay, Duey Freeman, Traver Boehm

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How to handle overwhelm?
We are all overwhelmed by different things that happen to us daily, either the excess of information or the pressure we put on ourselves.
Every week in The UNcivilized Nation, we have an unplugged episode, and for this episode, our guests will be Duey Freeman and Michael Gay. Both will share their point of view as therapists about the overwhelm and how to deal with it.
Duey Freeman, MA, LPC is co-founder of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies, director of the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, and owner of his psychotherapy private practice. After teaching for 24 years at Naropa University he has decided to move in a more creative direction. Most recently and in collaboration with Kimberly Beck M Ed he has created: The Coming Home Project and Relational Rewilding Retreats.
Michael is a therapist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He earned his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University with a focus in Transpersonal Psychology. Michael has worked in the field of counseling for the last 14 years as a guide, therapist, and trainer. He was a Wilderness Therapy guide for 6 years, leading and facilitating deep transformational work with teens, adults, and families in the mountains and high desert. He has also worked extensively in the field of addiction and recovery. He specializes in work with depression, groups, trauma, PTSD, grief, and families.
[8:02] Meeting Duey.
[15:38] "We are designed to be in relationships."
[18:28] What Duey will teach in the workshop.
[20:19] Meeting Michael.
[25:05] Navigating the inflow of energy.
[27:30] How much news is the human capacity for receiving?
[32:16] Navigating the outflow of energy.
[33:44] The excess of information.
[37:40] What Michael will teach in the workshop.
[40:48] Meeting Traver.
[47:46] Learn how the energies move in you.
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