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| Jun 03, 2021

How to manage your fear with Tony Blauer

Tony Blauer

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What am I afraid of? Am I aware of my fears? Does fear stop me from moving forward? These are some of the questions that today's episode will leave you thinking about.

Today's guest is Tony Blauer. He is a remarkable human interested in human behavior. A martial arts and self-defense specialist for over four decades.

Tony joins us in this episode to talk about the fear in human behavior. He is here to drop some fascinating bombs on how to identify, manifest and manage fear to make it our best ally.

“You can’t be brave if you’re not afraid.” – Tony Blauer.


Coach Blauer has been in the martial art, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for four decades!

He is one of the only Combatives experts who has successfully affected training across all the combat related communities: self-defense, combat sports, and the military & law enforcement sector. His research on physiology, mindset as it relates to confrontation management has influenced over three decades of reality-based martial artists and enhanced the survivability of law enforcement, military and emergency services personnel around the world.


Youtube: Tony Blauer’s Spear System
Instagram: @tonyblauer


[3:35] Meet Tony Blauer
[10:03] Manifesting and managing fear.
[28:39] What is the most impressive thing for Tony about human behavior?
[34:07] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[34:49] Critical thinking and fear.
[45:14] Mental fitness.
[57:21] The driving force behind Tony's mentality and his business.
[1:00:25] Where to find Tony.

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