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| Jan 25, 2021

How to mentally thrive as a man right now with Connor Beaton

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“We are in the midst of the greatest mental health crisis the world has ever seen.” — Connor Beaton.

Since 2019 we have been dealing with the Covid pandemic, even this year, which has been a radical lifestyle change for millions of people worldwide. The human being was born to live in society and now is being forced to live in isolation.

In this episode, we will have a special guest who has influenced a lot in men's work, even in my life; Connor Beaton. We will talk about how we as men can generate a change in society concerning mental health, the mental health in men, how technology and misinformation affect our perception, and how to work on our nervous system to tolerate high-stress situations.


He is first and foremost a Leader - Connor firmly believes that in order to achieve excellence in what you do, you must be effective at helping others achieve excellence in what they do.

Connor feels privileged to have a wide breadth of experience working globally across diverse cultures and industries from Classical Music, Small Business Owner, Retail, and Technology.

The extent of his work experience includes - Sales Management, Sales Training, B2B, Account Management, Leading Sales Cycles, E-Commerce, Talent Development, Presentation, and Public Speaking.

Core Strengths: Sales, Talent Development, Project Management, Account Management, Building Effective Teams, and Client Relations.


Website: connorbeaton.com
Instagram: @mantalks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/connor.beaton.1
Twitter: @ConnorBeaton
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/connorbeaton/


[1:53] Getting to know Connor and Traver.
[3:42] Connor's thoughts on mental health during Covid.
[7:06] Learn how to deal with challenges during Covid.
[8:10] How to deal with acute issues during isolation.
[16:34] Trust your intuition in an uninformed world.
[25:38] The dead age of social cohesion.
[34:03] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[33:35] Acknowledging pain throughout the chaos.
[47:40] Driving your pain.
[52:44] Addictions during the quarantine.
[59:11] Where to find Connor.

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