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| Apr 05, 2021

How to successfully handle your life as a man with Philip Folsom

Philip Folsom

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Masculinity and how we perceive it has evolved over the years. Just like in masculinity there has been a radical change in the men's movements too. To explain more about this subject, we will have Philip Folson as today's guest, a man who has spent over thirteen years teaching the power of leadership and has seen the growth of men's work.

We will talk about masculinity, its initiation and the difference between feminine and masculine initiation at the cultural level, and the importance of killing the little boy within us (metaphorically) so that the true manly man resurfaces. We will talk about what honor is and when we can lose it as men, in addition to talking about astrology and exploring traumas and injuries during our lives.

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Philip Folsom’s reputation in the team development and leadership world is legendary. His in-person events, seminars, and high ropes course experiences have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 people teaching the importance of peace, power, and sacred purpose. At the center of his coaching is his Tribe program, bringing the enormous benefits of the world's ancient tribe systems to modern day corporate teams such as Sony, Microsoft, Dreamworks, Apple and RedBull.


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[2:08] Meet Philip Folsom.
[4:15] Let's talk about Kinship.
[6:12] The most significant change in society and how it affects masculinity.
[15:15] The evolution in the men movements from the '70s to date.
[27:01] The initiation of men into masculinity.
[32:08] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[33:07] How the new social movements and cultural change have affected the way we view masculinity.
[44:13] Exploring the traumas and wounds that exist in masculinity.
[51:40] The blackspot in masculinity.
[57:55] Where to find Philip.

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