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| Feb 11, 2021

How to turn your passion into a living with artist Jay Alders

Jay Alders

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Being an artist means having a life full of passion and creativity. Sometimes there is a lack of creativity, and other times they have a lot of it.

In this episode, we will have a special guest for me, Jay Alders. Jay came into my life through his art when I was going through a difficult time. He is a fantastic artist who seeks to reach people through his artistic diversity.

During this episode, we touch on great topics, and one of them was creativity as an essential piece in an artist's life. We will learn about the methods that Jay uses during his creative process, the moment he decided that art would be part of his life forever. Also, he will share his opinion about the new artists emerging in the technological age.


Jay Alders is an internationally acclaimed fine artist, photographer & designer whose distinctive style & imaginative prowess is recognized around the world. His intricate brushwork, intense colors & superb compositions bring to life his signature elongated figures & stylized forms.

Alders has been pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a thriving professional artist since he was a child. His outlook on success is best described by him in a recent interview with ESPN, “Some people wait around for opportunity to come knocking. I prefer to just build my own door and open it.”


Instagram: @jayalders


[1:56] Getting to know Jay.

[3:42] Jay's artistic journey and how children influenced it.

[11:14] Jay's most significant lesson he learned after losing his gallery.

[13:45] Mixing paint and writing.

[17:05] The moment Jay realized that he wanted to be an artist for the rest of his life.

[19:31] The role of creativity in an artist's life.

[22:32] Jay's creative process.

[27:00] Artistic blocks and how to over them.

[32:18] Join the UNcivilized Nation.

[33:15] How music has influenced his art.

[36:30] Jay, the storyteller painter.

[51:27] The digital era and the new generation of artists.

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