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| Feb 22, 2021

How to use plant medicine to return to what’s sacred with Fabian Rodriguez

Fabian Rodriguez

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Being arrested, lived in federal prison, and finally get out of it and being in a better place to find out that his long-term girlfriend was cheating on him, this is the life-changing story of today's guest, Fabian Rodriguez.

Fabian is a medicine man. He facilitates ceremonies in Peru and Mexico using medicinal herbs, and for today's episode, we will have a great conversation about Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, an adored plant and at the same time feared by many, has been an essential tool for herbal ceremonies. Fabian will explain to us where this plant comes from. He will tell us in detail about the experiences people live in plant ceremonies and share his most personal experience. He will also tell us how he came to have contact with Ayahuasca and reached a point of total gratitude after being sentenced to prison for the crime of drug dealer and not having a close relationship with his daughter during those difficult times.


Fabian has been on his journey of service through sharing his life openly and guiding others through the means that have assisted him on his path of remembrance.

As a father, artist, sound facilitator, physical trainer and ceremonialist, he has integrated these aspects of his human experience to create a unique holistic grounded lifestyle and perspective to living in today’s world.

He shares his gifts and knowledge through hosting ceremonies through out the U.S. and working with plant medicines in the jungle’s of Peru.

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[1:43] Meet Fabian Rodriguez
[6:00] "Life is a ceremony": Fabian describes the ceremony's meaning.
[9:27] How to start seeing our lives as a ceremony.
[15:52] What does 'Sacred' mean for Fabian.
[18:25] Learning about 'Ayahuasca' and the misconceptions behind it.
[22:51] Why you must follow a diet before drinking Ayahuasca
[29:58] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[30:50] Fabian's introduction into Ayahuasca.
[40:15] Fabian's prison experience and what he learned.
[47:51] The reconnection of Fabian and his daughter.
[52:06] Where to find Fabian.

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