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| Dec 13, 2021

Joseph Sheehey — The beauty of conscious entrepreneurship.

Joseph Sheehey

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"There is always a right and wrong thing to do, And we are always going to do the right thing, even if its the hard thing to do."
Core values, integrity, trust and accountability are the crucial building blocks and foundation of any system, business or family.  Our guest knows the impact of difficult decisions, importance of having faith in your path and how seeing the big picture will define you as person and a company.
If you are stepping into building a business, a conscious relationship or establishing your personal integrity, this episode is definitely for you.
Joseph Sheehey is a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer, nationally distinguished physique competitor, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. During his 7 years in a professional engineering role, he contributed to projects sitting on the surface of Mars, orbiting Jupiter and slated to carry the next generation of next astronauts to space. Joseph holds extensive experience in human optimization through the design of nutrition, training and introspective practices. An awakening to a lifelong struggle with depression set a fire ablaze to change this world through what is now CURED Nutrition.
[3:03) Meeting Joe
[8:30] Keeping promises that you make to yourself
[10:15] How crucial your integrity is to your emotional health
[12:45] Accountability, self awareness, and personal audits
[13:50] Trust = Consistent action + time
[17:53] What does it mean to be responsible?
[19:35] How core values play a role in your day to day.
[22:33] Trust and its crucial role in both personal and business life.
[25:11] Navigating difficult situations with your greatest integrity.
[27:01] What is conscious entrepreneurialship?
[30:32] Micro decisions and how they shape the outcome.
[35:24] Changing the narrative around cannabinoids and psilocybin as medicine.
[40:52] Power of word of mouth marketing.
[43:10] The impact of shifting from transactional mindset into a mindset of giving.
[47:33] Importance of the people in a successful company
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