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| Sep 09, 2021

Leila Dylla UNplugged — Understanding masculine/feminine dynamics and why you need them.

Leila Dylla

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You’re not alone in the world!

During the global pandemic, the sense of loneliness was one of the biggest battles we had to survive as a society. Today’s guest Leila Dylla was able to see how connections helped heal hundreds of people. For this reason, Leila left us a message in today’s episode: “Connections are medicine.”

On September 17th and 18th, with Leila, we will have a virtual event you cannot miss where we will dive into topics such as relationships, the importance of connections, and much more. This episode is just a sample of what is next to come in this incredible event full of knowledge and activities; you cannot miss it!

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Leila is inspiring the heart of change around the world through her writing, speaking, and passionate teaching.  As a leader in the modern day spiritual and wellness world, she has been teaching Yoga Asana for over a decade, and is deeply inspired by the path of Bhakti Yoga, energy medicine, transcendental psychology & breath work.

Leila’s background in kinesiology, nutrition, rehabilitative movement, and energy medicine gives her rare insight into the body and the health challenges faced by women navigating our current culture.


Instagram: @leiladylla
Elevate Retreat 


[4:59] Meeting Leila Dylla

[7:26] Are connections medicine?

[10:49] Cultivating the sense of belonging.

[19:19] Bringing consciousness into our lives and relationships.

[34:10] The male and female dynamics.

[49:16] Staying safe and steady amid the chaos.

[55:50] "Everybody needs to go to therapy."

[1:00:51] How to develop an internal sense of community.

[1:04:26] Feeling compassion.

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