The UNcivilized Podcast

| Mar 13, 2020

Making Decisions From A Place of Love, Not Fear with Kendra Adachi

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Are you operating from love or fear? Today’s guest, Kendra Adachi came on to talk about the changes that can be made in your life by doing things out of love instead of from a place of fear. Kendra moved toward a healthier lifestyle after realizing her body was addicted to processed foods and on this episode, she shares why she prescribes movement as a form of healing to her clients, how to recognize your own bio-individuality when making food choices and paying attention to your mental and emotional states when you’re consuming food. We discuss becoming the CEO of your own health and feeling into whether a decision will expand you or contract you.

About Kendra Adachi

Kendra Adachi is a mentor, writer, mental health advocate and ambassador of sexual empowerment.

Kendra’s work is to empower people to exist vibrantly alive and to be genuinely happy.

She does this by creating enriching food, connecting with our deepest sensuality as well as working with clients to integrate this nourishment into all contexts of their wellbeing through her 1 on 1 mentoring and writing.

Kendra can currently be found freelance writing for nature photographers and collaborating with like-minded artists harnessing creative expression.

Connect with Kendra

Instagram: @adachikendra

What You’ll Hear

4:56 Realizing her body was addicted to processed foods
6:27 How nut butter became a staple in her life
9:13 What Kendra is passionate about and working on right now
10:48 The catalyst that made Kendra make changes
13:31 Getting out of your mind and asking your body what it wants you to do
15:54 What starts to happen when Kendra prescribes movement to clients
18:46 Checking in with yourself and deciding if you’re doing something out of fear or love
21:54 Getting someone to shift from doing it from fear to doing it from a space of love
26:44 Kendra’s experience with her eating disorder
30:10 Recognizing your unique bio-individuality when making food choices
31:32 Paying attention to your emotional state while your eating food
34:58 Feeling into if something will cause you to expand or contract
39:42 Being the CEO of your own health


“I love to inspire enthusiastically through the physical body.”

“I support people in making truthful, honest decisions for themselves.”

“When you truly have that foundation of loving yourself, that is the essence that is going to support how you’ll experience life.”

“Do it out of love, not out of fear.”

“Make the things you’re passionate about a priority.”

“When I’m healthy, I can do the things I love more.”

“Community and contribution is health.”

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