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| Jul 08, 2021

Making progress through deeper connections with Kiné Corder

Kiné Corder

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“I am not ‘Anti’ anything, I am pro Love.”

Kiné is a die-hard optimist that embraces love as the lens through which she sees everything, she feels progress is inherantly incremental and inclusive. 

Dive into this unapologetic conversation on unity and division, what is the difference between intimate and personal, the power of progress, and how to create meaningful connection. This episode is powerful in it truly asks us, on what are we focusing and how do we really want to show up in our lives. 


Kiné Corder, is a National Certified Counselor and the world's #1 Financial Hypnotherapist. You may remember her from Oprah or ABC's Extreme Makeover Show. Since then, she's become a best-selling author and an international speaker taking the stage with well-known speakers like Les Brown and Daymond John.

She’s also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a tech enabled, business and self-development company focused on wealth in all of its forms. Her mission in life is to alleviate human suffering associated with money. She speaks to and consults with mission driven entrepreneurs who want to grow, scale, or sell their business without feeling burnout, guilt, or greed. She pours her proven financial hypnotherapy system called Breakthrough to Clarity into her clients and community members.


LinkedIn: Kiné Corder
Instagram: @kinecorder
Clubhouse: @kinecorder


[5:03]  Healing division is incremental
[7:50]  Discussing division between sexes
[14:45] Competition as division 
[16:30]  Finding harmony in both your Feminine and your Masculine
[19:38]  Framework around shifting between Masculine and Feminine in support 
[27:40]  What is "doing the work"
[30:26]  How does trauma get in the way of how you want to show up?
[44:30]  Connection and our need to protect
[51:56]  Confidence is being who you are
[55:16]  Where we are focusing is crucial

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