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| Dec 31, 2020

Mastering your money story with The Priestess of Finance, Joetta Johnson

Joetta Johnson

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How good is your relationship with money? Do you guys get along? Or do you keep distance from each other?

Having a good relationship with money entails good management, challenges, mindset and ... maybe having a coach to teach us how to achieve it.

For this episode, we will have Joetta Johnson, a financial coach whom I met 5 years ago in my search to create a good relationship with money and learn to manage it. From her, I learned so many things including the ones we will talk about in today's episode.

We talked about: How to overcome shame when we talk about money, money as the root of all evil, and she will share with us the story of how she helped a man to overcome a million-dollar debt just in few months.

Do not miss this incredible episode cause you will learn to relate better to money.


Joetta is a financial coach who specializes in working with couples and entrepreneurs — helping them dial in their personal and business finances, fund a more abundant life, and grow their income and net worth while growing themselves.

Her unique style of financial management puts the fun back in finance, both personally and professionally.

With an established background in personal and corporate finance, Joetta blends the practical aspect of finances with the magical — how to partner up with the cosmos to transform your money psychology and build your own definition of wealth.

Joetta has worked with hundreds of couples and entrepreneurs all over the world, from diverse backgrounds, who wanted to get more out of their financial lives and create something extraordinary with money.


Instagram: @priestessoffinance


[1:53] The financial coach: Getting to know Joetta.

[3:54] The stewardship of resources.

[5:44] Joetta's own experience with money.

[8:20] Recognizing the challenges: Joetta talks about the first steps to improve your relationship with money.

[10:00] Joetta shares with us the best book to start in the money journey.

[10:48] People's main money blocker.

[14:27] The money talk: The differences between men and women.

[16:46] Men's money resentment.

[19:20] Money is the root of all evil?: Breaking the belief.

[23:55] Expanding the opportunities through economic challenges.

[30:38] Joetta explains the relationship with the money.

[34:09] The shame around money.

[39:42] Not the perfect match: Joetta explains how debts can affect people.

[49:08] The one million dollars man story.

[54:42] Where to find Joetta.

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