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| Dec 06, 2021

Michael Bauman — The five “why’s” of inner and outer success.

Michael Bauman

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When things don't go as planned comes sadness, disappointment, and millions of questions. The guilt of "what did I do wrong?" is manifested. But, everything is going to be okay; there are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.
Today's guest is the master of transitions. After living on three different continents and experiencing distinct cultures, Michael Bauman has learned the key to transitions. A moment that changed his life, receiving the news of his first child, led him to decide to move to China with his wife. Without knowing the language or the culture, his decision has led him to grow professionally.
In this episode, we will learn how productivity, decision-making, health, and even our DNA affect every area of our life.
Michael was born and raised in the balmy tropical island of Papua New Guinea, and subsequently have travelled all over the world witnessing and participating in numerous cultures, perspectives, and their fundamental values and belief systems. Currently, he lives with his family in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, China.
This diverse early exposure to a wide variety of people and environments sparked in him a fascination with the variance of how we define success overlayed above the commonality of the shared human experience in all its intricacy, pain, beauty, and wonder.
Michael's currently the CEO of Success Engineering where he coaches entrepreneurs to help them deeply know that they are enough and that they are not alone.
He also host the podcast, Success Engineering, where he interview experts and industry leaders, from Broadway Directors and actors, to multi-millionaire CEO’s, to neuroscientists and more to uncover how they define success and how they create it on a daily basis.


[2:26] Meeting today's guest
[10:54] A new life, a new culture.
[14:18] Coping emotionally with transitions.
[19:48] First day in China.
[24:35] Entrepreneurs internally and externally disconnected.
[28:01] How can I be more present?
[32:50] Bringing awareness to enjoy our life better.
[40:53] You need to change your behaviors to match your goals.
[43:31] How to be motivated
[47:49] The aftereffect of pain.
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