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| Dec 09, 2021

Mike Williams — From doing to done in your business.

Mike Williams

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Every successful story begins with an action. Becoming an entrepreneur or starting a business can not only remain in your mind or your goal book; you have to create a plan and take action.
Having a strong mindset is essential. Have you ever disappointed someone by failing on a commitment? The same happens to you. Our mind absorbs everything we feed it with, and failing yourself creates a failure mentality.
Our guest is a man who has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and believe in their dreams. Today, on The UNcivilized Podcast, we will be joined by Mike Williams, the man who tells you, "I've got your back," when you feel everything is falling.
If you are beginning a new stage of your life as a businessman, this episode is for you.
He is a Productivity Strategist, TEDx speaker, international author, executive coach, and long-boarding business executive. He embraces the power of simplicity on the path to increasing life's joy factor.
Whether high-impact executive coaching, engaging keynote speaking, or potent productivity workshops—he gives leaders simple, actionable tools for turning chaos into clarity. So, you can stay at the top of your game in all areas of your life.
[2:02] Meeting our guest.
[6:27] Learning to be present.
[14:39] Advice for people in the early stage of entrepreneurship.
[23:01] Using the action system.
[28:27] The true coach spirit.
[32:21] The power of space.
[37:56] A vision for the next generation
[46:56] Mike's book: Doing to Done.
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