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| Aug 27, 2020

Mindfulness As The Path To Joy with Amy Budden

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Take a deep breath, expand your mind, and get ready, cause today's episode is going to be really special. We meditated, talked and shared with one-of-a-kind meditation guru, Amy Budden.

In this episode, we talked about Amy's work, how she mixes technology with meditation and what she believes is behind its success. Also, we will get a little bit personal by asking her how she balances being a mother and a entrepreneur, her hurdles to build her empire and her personal experience using meditation to heal.

About Amy Budden

Wouldn’t you like to be a conscious creator and learn how to change your brain to create calm and contentment to customize your emotional set point? Yes. You. Can. Use breathwork and visualization to jumpstart your meditation practice and design your life.

Known as the “proficient neuro hacker” Amy uses scientifically validated techniques to teach you how to train your brain to change your mind.  You can consciously create calm, joy, love and abundance and you can change your beliefs by creating new powerful neuro-pathways through visualization and meditation.  Amy’s technique is known as the “magic nap” because she teaches a meditation state that is a deep dive into trance without effort. She combines neuroscience, meditation and technology; teaching you how to release and restore.

Connect with Amy

Instagram: @connectthemind

What you'll hear

1:58 Meditation moment with Traver.
6:02 Who is Amy and what she is building.
11:42 How's a meditation session with Amy.
14:19 Amy's thoughts about the concept of safety and how to create it.
17:00 Why meditation is more effective using technology.
18:00 What needs to happen physiologically during the meditation process to actually make a change.
20:34 How meditation can help the mentally affected people during the pandemic.
21:39 Having a session moment with Amy.
25:09 Amy's thoughts about the positive and negative aspects of Covid-19.
28:18 How she juggles being a mother and an entrepreneur.
29:25 The hurdles she overcame while she was creating her company.
32:25 She talks about what it's like to live and date in Los Angeles.
36:34 Amy's opinion on what's behind the success of her recordings.
42:14 Amy shares how to honor commitments and also have time to relax.
44:44 Pain and discomfort as motivation.
47:13 What's Amy working on right now.
48:43 What can we do to help Amy.
50:25 What she loves about being a woman and a mom.
52:02 What would Amy like to see change about relationships.

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