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| Jul 16, 2020

Mother Hunger and Accessing Your Shadow With Rainier Wylde

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Your relationship with the world and the people in the world is greatly affected by your relationship with your mother. That’s something we discussed in this episode with guest Rainier Wylde. Rainier talks about the term, mother hunger and how it differs from father wounds. We also explore what your shadow is and how men and women deal with their shadow in different ways. You’ll hear all about Rainier’s experience of disowning his embodied self, how he overcame that and why he doesn’t want the world to have hope.

About Rainier Wylde

Rainier is a teacher, guide, and writer who works with men and women to confront their shadow, find intimate union with the masculine and feminine and experience spiritual awakening.

Connect with Rainier

Website: rainierwylde.com
Facebook: facebook.com/evolvingwild
Instagram: @rainierwylde

What You’ll Hear

1:47 How this illness is exposing the fracture points
6:03 Who Rainier is and what he does
11:22 His experience of being suppressed and disowned by his embodied self
13:18 What shadow means to him and his thoughts around accessing the shadow
16:25 The divide in the opinion around the shadow
18:23 How men and women deal with shadow in different ways
23:38 One of Rainier’s biggest frustrations
26:40 Why there’s secrecy around sexuality
29:37 What would happen if there was less secrecy
32:09 What the mother hunger is
35:30 The differences in performance and mastery
40:24 What you need to know about the father wound and the mother hunger
46:02 How absent fathers cause a hollow experience for young men
50:30 The workshop conundrums that people run into
53:54 Why you should put yourself out there to find a community

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