The UNcivilized Podcast

| Apr 23, 2020

Moving Past Perfectionism with Julian Reeve

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Is perfectionism getting in the way of your life? Are you facing the idea of a career shift? In this episode, I am joined by Julian Reeve, a speaker, coach and motivator for people going through career transitions. Right now, many people are facing career changes so I thought you’d really enjoy Julian’s take on how to navigate transition with ease. We chat about his experience of going from being a Music Director for HAMILTON to what he does now. Julian shares his experience with perfectionism and how to get back to your real, authentic self. He also dives into letting go of the pressures of society and the world.

About Julian Reeve

Critically acclaimed for his work as the Music Director on the 1st U.S National Tour of the Broadway musical HAMILTON, Julian Reeve has enjoyed a successful career in music, business, and education. Born and educated in Cambridge, England, he has toured the world with over twenty-five theatrical productions, whilst remaining dedicated to his work as an educator in the U.S, Europe and Japan. Outside of music, he has founded three businesses in the creative sector, including the boutique talent agency ‘Boland & Reeve’ in London’s West End and The Elev8 Workshop Series in Los Angeles.

Julian experienced a major life change in early 2019, having to quit his career as a performer due to injury. He now works as a speaker, coach, and motivator, helping people facing career change find clarity in their situations through coaching and workshops. He is also a regular speaker on the keynote circuit, with talks across numerous subjects including Perfectionism, which was also the focus of his TEDx Talk released earlier this year.

Connect with Julian

Instagram: @julian.reeve

What You’ll Hear

2:11 Who Julian is and why he’s an expert in transition
8:08 The moment he realized he had to quit due to his injury
11:32 How everyone experiences transition differently based on their life experience
14:22 Making decisions that don’t take you away from your true authenticity
16:13 When he realized that it was real and he was leaving HAMILTON
21:21 His advice for people in the inquiry of what they might want to do
26:37 Why your destination needs to be true before moving to the next level
30:29 How to get to real authenticity
34:17 Why it’s okay to not know what you want to do
37:25 The dilemma he faced when he had a heart attack and how this made him realize his relationship with perfectionism
42:14 His experience of recovering from perfectionism
44:18 How perfectionism is bringing people to you
51:50 Julian’s definition of uncivilized


What Color Is Your Parachute? 2020: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

Reframing Perfectionism TEDx Talk

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