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| May 10, 2021

Nice Guys - Why giving in order to get doesn’t work with Dr. Robert Glover

Dr. Robert Glover

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You're doing it wrong. No more Mr. Nice Guy, we need to talk.

Have you ever thought, "I don't do anything wrong, I'm a nice guy"—but your life is falling apart—? Then, this episode is for you.

As men, we grow up believing that if we avoid doing certain things, we will please others, so we will not have problems in our relationships, and our life will be perfect just because we are "nice guys." But, let me tell you: If your relationship, your family, your plans, and your work are falling apart; your "nice guy" mindset isn't working, you need to change it!

Today's guest is the author of one of the books that have changed my life. Today we will have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert Glover.

This episode is a lesson about men's behavior and mindset. We talked about porn issues, sexuality traumas, addictions, fetishes, and why we should remove "I'm a nice guy" from our vocabulary.

Are you ready to change? Press play.


Dr. Robert Glover is the author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Dating Essentials for Men”. He has spent over 30 years helping men and women get the love, sex, and life they want. His groundbreaking books, classes, podcasts, and seminars have helped form the foundation for a growing world-wide men’s movement.



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[2:36] The nice guy recovered: Getting to know Dr. Robert.

[7:26] The "nice guy" paradigm.

[14:57] Shame and guilt: Let's talk about sexual repression.

[24:46] Reality and porn.

[40:06] What is a 'covert contract.'

[47:51] Let's start from scratch: How to change the “nice guy” mindset?

[51:22] Where to find Dr. Robert Glover.

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