Note To Self

Why voice memos are the shit

Want to change
your life?
Change the voice
in your ear.

Today I had two profound conversations with people about their voice notes. Both were tear filled, which confirms to me yet again, this is truly powerful medicine.

Here’s the deal, there are no rules. Who says you can’t tell yourself all the things you need to hear, day in and day out, until you start believing them.

Every morning, each of my coaching clients starts the day in this exact same way. Imagine the very first thing you hear each day is encouragement, love, and support. And it came from you.

How amazing you are.

How proud you are no matter what the outside looks like at this moment.

How grateful you are for your courage, vulnerability, and strength.

How excited you are for specific things in the future, no matter how far off those things may feel right now.

Imagine hearing the exact words you most likely haven’t heard lately, but need to.

Words you never heard growing up, or you haven’t heard enough of in you relationships.

These words are powerful medicine. These words heal.

Why not break the rule that says your voice is going to the harshest one and your words will be the ones that cut you the deepest. Who decided this is a rule for you anyway? And why the fuck are you following it?

Do this for yourself. Stop whatever you are doing, take your phone out and record yourself a voice note. Be your biggest supporter and your most loyal fan. Take a six minute experiment in being awesome and uncivilize yourself.

Play dirty.
Fuck the box,
live outside of it.
Make love to
your own soul
with your own
damn voice.

Otherwise you’re wide open for the voices of the world and right now they’re just screaming hurtful obscenities and noise.
Your healing is on you. Your actualization is on you. And your self worth, no matter who jacked it up, is yours to tend to. Get to tending.

Do this. For you. For your heart. For your magic.

Yours Uncivilized,

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