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| Aug 09, 2021

Original language and the sex of being alive with Jamie Thompson

Jamie Thompson

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It does not matter if you believe in the evolution theory or the divine creation of a God. What is undeniable is that the human being adapts to the environment and the situations around him.

This week's guest is an uncivilized woman. She teaches people to have a deeper connection with themselves to the point of reaching the deepest roots of the human essence. Her name is Jamie Thompson, and she is here to talk to us about the original language and the sex of being alive. We will dive into sex, relationship, society, power and learn why the masculine and the feminine complement each other naturally.

Today's episode is powerful. Are you ready to connect more with your inner self? If so, let's get started!


Jamie has developed a holistic body of work to support women, men and couples with letting go of limiting patterns around sex so they can have a fulfilling intimate life and taste their most exquisite erotic expression. She is a radical contributor to the field of Sex Education and pioneering original and lasting solutions for challenges in sex & intimacy.


[4:14] Getting to know Jamie.

[5:26] The power of choices.

[8:05] What are micro choices?

[12:43] Going back to our internal sourcing.

[17:13] Does the human being know how to deal with pain and feelings?

[19:23] The power inside our bodies.

[30:49] Accessing our body through sensations and emotions.

[35:11] The gross and subtle sensations.

[37:33] The cultivation of your attention.

[43:20] The sex of being alive.

[48:30] It's time for collaborations: the feminine and the masculine.

[57:47] Female validation must come from the woman.

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