The UNcivilized Podcast

| May 07, 2020

Psychedelics & Exploring the Frontiers Of Your Consciousness With Dylan Lyon

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Are you ready to move toward your highest evolution? If so, you’ll want to hear this episode with guest Dylan Lyon. Dylan is a coach that works with radical consciousness and heart-based intuitive guidance to help people find their true self and live the life they’re meant to live. In this episode, Dylan and I talk about his journey of choosing his own path in life. He talks about the divide between the wildness and the civilized world. He shares all about the work he does with meditation and psychedelics including how this can help you to explore your inner world.

About Dylan Lyon

Dylan Lyon offers a rare blend of deep coaching, radical consciousness work and heart-based intuitive guidance in order to uplevel every area of your life and to help you get to the very core of what’s held you back from embodying your most authentic self and living the life you were born to live.

He brings forth insights cultivated over the course of 9 years of dedicated inner and outer journeying. His travels around the world created unique opportunities to study alongside some of the top doctors, healers and coaches on the planet.

Dylan’s gift to serve you comes from a deep well of experiential wisdom. He has the ability to go to places that others simply cannot or will not go and he does so with fierce courage, compassion and love.

Connect with Dylan

Course (Exploring Consciousness):

What You’ll Hear

3:15 Dylan’s life story and how he lives his life
4:22 The unspoken agreement that people live in where they’re forced to lie to themselves
5:45 When Dylan made the decision to walk out of society
8:52 What happens when you step into the unknown and walk away from society
13:28 Choosing his own path and his own life
16:09 The divide between the civilized world and the wildness
16:38 Dylan’s take on society and the Coronavirus
20:57 How the collective should work through this pandemic
25:11 His advice for someone who wants to move toward their highest evolution
26:50 How that voice on the inside of you shows up whether you listen to it or not
28:31 The work Dylan does with psychedelics
34:17 How Dylan works with clients and how his course helps people shift their awareness
37:58 Learning how to navigate and explore your inner world
40:25 Why you can’t trust the system
43:20 What inspired Dylan to put his course together
49:49 How cultivating a relationship with the psychedelic helps you cultivate a relationship with yourself
51:34 Why surrender is the first step to using the medicine
52:35 What working with mushrooms can produce
55:13 How psychedelics gives you access to who you really are

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