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| Oct 25, 2021

Rick Ellis — The art of skill and the skill of art.

Rick Ellis

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When we fall, we have two options, to keep on the ground or stand up and turn it into a new opportunity.
After being one of the main heads of a multimillion-dollar company, today's guest, Rick Ellis, in his mid 50's lost everything.
A martial arts artist determined to confront his truth. Rick began his path of recreating himself, mastering jiu-jitsu, and opening his YouTube channel, The Art of Skill.
Today Rick will share with us his wisdom. We will dive into transitions, why he needed to target his content to his male audience, and how he teaches people to be their higher selves. He is undoubtedly a man to admire, who leaves us the following message: "Be that guy that at 57, 56 years old, literally loses everything and stand up thinking, what the fuck am I gonna do when I grow up?"
Enjoy the episode.
Rick Ellis has had an eclectic career as a musician, audio engineer, visual designer, programmer, and software entrepreneur. Somewhere along the way he discovered Jiu Jitsu and became obsessed with it. Rick would go on to earn his blackbelt under Roy Dean. He currently runs The Art of Skill YouTube channel, where topics related to maximum human performance, aging athletes, men’s issues, and BJJ are discussed. He also teaches BJJ nightly at Third Way Jiu Jitsu in Wyoming.
Instagram: @thirdwayjiujitsu 
[5:33] A YouTube channel for personal improvement.
[10:04] How to make a graceful transition in your life.
[17:51] A valuable piece of software in the early days of the internet
[26:46] "Just do it."
[31:38] A content only for men.
[36:13] What is manhood for you?
[45:32] Teaching to be your best self.
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