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| Oct 14, 2021

Rob McDojoLife - Cults, chokes, and making money with your passion

Rob McDojoLife

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How can some people be so blinded by a cult?
This episode is full of controversy and mystery. Due to all the death threats this man has received, we had to leave his name anonymous. So, we will utterly name this as the "McDojo" episode.
A man passionate about martial arts and helping others did the heroic action of showing the darkest events lived in the martial arts schools, earning the hatred of people who see the world of martial arts as everything right and good in this life. An organization that, according to our guest, does not have a government body. That's why sexual violence, and pedophilia are some of the perversions frequently performed.
Rob has been training in martial arts for over 24 years and has dedicated the last 9 years of exposing Mcdojos. He Jason the international martial arts team Full Circle for years and ran his own martial arts school for 4 years. He has b been consulting for martial arts businesses for 10 years and he founded McDojoLife 9 years ago. 
He has earned 
- 3rd degree Black Belt in Karate
- 3rd degree Black Belt in Lissajous-Do
- Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Instagram: @mcdojolife
YouTube: McDojoLife
[5:07] What's a McDojo
[7:14] How one organization can ruin the lives of hundreds of people.
[11:39] Who are the people most likely to fall into a cult?
[13:14] Today's guest background.
[17:36] 9 years showing a harsh reality.
[21:26] As you navigate hatred, criticism, and threats.
[35:23] Turning the public speaking fear into positivism.
[39:36 Setting real goals.
[42:27] Unintended and unexpected consequences.
[46:00] Manipulation and impact
[54:31] The process of finding the website content.
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