The UNcivilized Podcast

| Dec 12, 2022

Saora Love — From a prison in India to teaching embodiment.

Saora Love

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No matter how many times you feel stagnant or hit bottom, remember that even in the desert, the flowers blossom.
I'm not trying to sound poetic, but today's guest story reminds me of desert flowers blossoming amid the drought, in isolation, and under brutal circumstances.
For this episode, Saora Love will join the conversation. She is a men's coach and what I find most fascinating about her is not only her desire to help others but her story of self-improvement.
To put you in context, Saora experienced many difficult moments in her life from a young age, but none of them were as tough as the time she spent three years in prison in India for cannabis possession, leading her to miss her sister's wedding — the moment she understood the seriousness of her imprisonment.
In this episode, you will hear not only Saora's story but also about healing, meditation, embodiment, and how we can start to be more present and aware of our bodies as men.
Saora Love is a mentor and guide for people who want more intimacy, cohesion and harmony in their lives.
She is mostly focused on helping us all understand each other more, particularly from a standpoint of radical self responsibility.
Saora often says she's been blessed to live a life of a lot of suffering. This has given her a lot of street cred and she has learnt to be able to navigate life with a lot of awareness. Because of this she is able to support others on their journey to wholeness, and is able to really see and understand the intricacies of what's really going on in people's lives.
She works with women to help them understand themselves, and to specifically understand men more.
She works with men to help them understand more of what's needed for embodiment and wholeness and to understand what women want. She gives powerful reflections from a deeply attuned feminine system.
Instagram: @saoralove 
[3:17] Who's Saora Love?
[4:35] What's embodiment?
[5:34] Why do men have a hard time being one with their bodies?
[8:55] "Pain and suffering don't have to hurt."
[10:30] Three years in India.
[15:29] First days in jail.
[20:22] The power of meditation.
[22:01] Life outside prison.
[32:31] What does "praying" mean?
[36:49] How to get out of toxic situations?
[41:11] How she became a men's coach.
[48:52] Why do women have a hard time understanding men?
[51:11] How the embodiment can lead to healing.
[57:04] Where to find Saora. 
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