The UNcivilized Podcast

| Jul 02, 2020

The Collective Responsibility of Healthy, Masculine Leadership With Connor Beaton

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Society always needs healthy, masculine leadership. In this episode, I was joined by a recent guest on the podcast to chat about this. We talked about why authoritarian and dictator style leaderships are so popular and I shared one of the best leadership lessons I saw as a young adult. We talk about the shadow masculine leadership and how it uses division and segregation to come into power and divide. Connor and I discuss why men need to prioritize self-care, get in community with other men and how this moment in time during the pandemic should be a wake-up call to many.

About Connor Beaton

After apprenticing with a pupil of Carl Jung, he developed an innovative approach to healing the Shadow – the part of our psyche that causes us to self-sabotage – by drawing from experiential and training-based methodologies like Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, along with transformative breathwork and meditative practices.

He's now been working for almost a decade as a NY-based coach, teacher, and speaker to help men (and women) from all over the world walk through their darkness and grow in the realms of mental clarity, relational communication, actualizing their potential and sexual intimacy.

He has a no-BS attitude coupled with a compassionate understanding of our own human limitations. He's coached hundreds of men (and women) through private coaching, group work, workshops, retreats and masterminds.

In 2014, he founded ManTalks, a community for men looking to expand and deepen their sense of self-awareness.

Connect with Connor

Man Talks:
Instagram: @mantalks

What You’ll Hear

3:12 Why the authoritarian and dictator style leadership is so popular in culture
9:25 The death rattle of the authoritarian and dictator style leadership archetype
12:34 Why good leadership needs a sense of humbled assertiveness
14:40 One of the best leadership lessons
20:17 The division among our country causing a shadow based leader to come into power
23:24 How the shadow masculine leadership uses division and segregation
26:07 How shame is a powerful weapon
29:33 The different forms of reality
33:00 How this moment of time should be a wake-up call
35:04 Why the collective is missing the idea that we’re collective
38:30 Why men need to make a connection out of the ego and into the heart
41:00 The interplay right now between the primal and the divine
41:40 Why self-care has to stop being “uncool”
47:11 How now is an opportunity to embody self-compassion
50:45 Why now is the time to be around other men

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