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| Nov 01, 2023

The Darkness - Part 2

The Darkness - Part 2

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Why do people fear darkness? The answer lies in its uncontrollability. Darkness stirs up the deepest corners of our minds, like a blank canvas for our deepest fears. It's like being trapped in a horror movie with no escape.

In this second part of our "Darkness" series, Traver Boehm and Katie Sroka are diving deep into the idea of darkness as an entity, unraveling the reasons behind people's profound fear of it.

Looking ahead, there's something on the horizon. As Traver approaches his 49th birthday, he's got some big plans. What's he got in store? Will he face the darkness once more? You'll have to tune in to this episode to discover it all.

As for you, could you handle an experience like this? Let us know in the comments!



[00:23] Exploring Darkness as an Entity

[04:53] Why People Fear Darkness

[13:25] Exploring the Darkness in Others

[19:48] Confronting Darkness

[24:06] Back to Reality

[29:39] Traver's 49th Birthday Plans


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