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| Sep 27, 2021

The inconvenient truth with Perri Chase

Perri Chase

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Today you will hear an unplugged episode where we will once again have the unique Perri Chase as a guest. We could describe this woman as a force in the world since her sincerity, knowledge, personality, and wisdom leaves more than one with their mouths open after hearing what she has to say.

Prepared for round two of truths, today Perri will be talking to us about racial equity, religion, dynamics of men and women, and very, very important, the problems we currently experience as a community and how the collectives have affected it.

Do women harm other women? Press play and find out.


Perri is a Mama, Wife, Woman, Channel, Teacher, and Practitioner of deep devotion to the Feminine. She lives a life in service to the deepest truth, as an energy, in all things and beings. She believes that our total and truest full expression is our soul’s purpose. She teaches pathways in life, relationships, expression, sacred medicine and business that all center the frequency of Feminine Truth, including her Foundations in Energetic Mastery path, DEVOTION. She created the embodiment modality SXBMB and the unique business pathway Magic Led Business.

She lives in Arizona with the love of her life, Kellen and their daughter.



Instagram: @Perri.Chase


[6:46] Meeting today's guest: Perri Chase.

[10:52] The truth about people and why it is related to their ego.

[22:38] Why is the cancel culture so popular?

[27.01] The female collective in the patriarchy.

[31:11] Sickness in the collective consciousness.

[38:09] What is the masculine truth?

[40:09] The chaotic female energy.

[41:55] "Antiracist education doesn't work."

[50:11] What generates union or division in the community?

[51:23] Your sexuality does not victimize you.

[54:24] "Most predators are men."

[58:31] Nervous system expansion.

[1:06:24] Disempowering patterns.

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