The UNcivilized Podcast

| Sep 21, 2020

The journey from cancer to consciousness with Sara Krish

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Sometimes life hits us hard, but we have two options: Stand up and fight, or stay in the ground. Today's guest is Sara Krish, she's a cancer survivor; a hard nut to crack. The day life hit her, she stood up as a fighter and started to improve herself, not just as a person but also spirituality, which is now a big part of her life.

We dive into a powerful conversation, where feelings were on the surface while we talked about her story. The day she received the diagnosis and how that changed her life, how cancer feels inside the body, the life decisions she had to take, how she started to love herself; these are some of the subjects for today's episode. Get ready, cause this episode may give you a new life perspective.

About Sara Krish

Sara built a strong understanding of human behavior and methods for healing in her college years completing both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of psychology. For years following she put her knowledge and passion to work as a life coach supporting her clients in goal achievement, periods of transition, leadership development, and the overall creation of a life well loved.

It wasn’t until Sara found herself navigating her own deep suffering inside cancer at the age of 30 that she began wanting more understanding of the metaphysical realm, her relationship to and understanding of God, and alternative healing modalities.

This new exploration fueled Sara’s fire and launched her onto a committed path of awakening the limitless spiritual being within! After years of dismantling the old, healing, and rebuilding with the support of God, Sara settled into a beautiful new life that honors the whole of who she is.

This purity and direct collaboration with the divine, supports Sara’s current work as a Spiritual Guide along with her commitment to The Collective Rise.

Sara is in the midst of writing her first New York Times Bestseller in support of her mission to The Collective Rise. She sees the world shifting to a peace-filled experience for all and believes her book can serve as a powerful tool to get us there!

Connect with Sara

Instagram: @theflybuddha

What you'll hear

1:38 How she is dealing with everything that is happening in the world right now.
4:54 When her spiritual journey began.
7:51 What it's like to be diagnosed with cancer.
9:49 What she has to say for people who're having a bad moment.
12:25 Sara talks about her life after cancer.
14:10 Sara's landscape about the stuck pain in the cancer survivor community.
19:40 How to get away from the pain of society.
22:21 The day she found her way.
24:50 Sara's new life and her healing process.
27:20 She talks about her pre-diagnosed story and how her relationship with her old-self has changed.
31:59 Why Sara thinks she is entitled to peace.
35:32 How Sara felt when the cancer was reproducing in her body.
37:34 Sara talks about how she uses her experience to help others.
43:25 Sara's spirituals push-ups. What's her daily routine now
50:52 What's next for her
52:41 Where to find Sara

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