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| Feb 04, 2021

The medicinal power of plants with Erebus

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Herbal medicine has been considered taboo in different countries around the world to the point of being illegal. In the Amazon and South American communities, we can find expert tribes in the creation and use of these medicines, considering them as part of their culture and very proud of it, to the point that the use of these medicines is common.

In this episode, we will have Erebus as a guest. This man has named himself after the Greek god of chaos, but you will see that his intentions are nothing more than to help people and make the world a better place.

Erebus will tell us about his experiences living in the Amazon and learning from the most amazing tribes about medicinal plants. He will talk about why people use cannabis more now than before, the reason why pharmaceutical medicines have a high price. Also, we will dive into what is behind the contempt of drugs in the USA.

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Erebus is an inner dimensional voyager devoted to studying plant medicines, he is a certified herbalist, entrepreneur, alchemist, and metaphysician. Also a father and husband, Erebus finds time to study the mysteries veiled around shamanism and esotericism, who’s spirit incarnated here to leave a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.


Instagram: @sentientbotanics
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sentientbotanics
Website: sentientbotanics.com


[1:26] Getting to know Erebus.

[4:16] Erebus education behind plant medicine.

[5:14] Extraction: the process of concentrating the medicinal parts of the plants.

[9:16] Erebus experience with an amazon tribe.

[16:03] The holistic and the US culture.

[18:57] Why Erebus fell in love with herbalism.

[26:37] Plant medicine and COVID.

[31:23] The breakthrough that needs to happen to embrace psychoactive medicines.

[42:15] Join the UNcivilized Nation

[42:50] The practical uses of cannabis.

[48:20] How to deal with anxiety without medication.

[57:20] Using cannabis to heal traumas.

[1:01:41] Connect with Erebus.

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