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| Jun 26, 2023

The Mental App Founders — How men strengthen their mindset

The Mental App

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Life is a short and unique journey that should be cherished and maximized to its fullest potential. It is crucial not only to prioritize our own personal growth but also to assist others in doing the same. In the modern era, we have become more conscious of the significance of mental health. However, despite being familiar with the subject, we often neglect our own internal struggles.

Mental health plays a fundamental role in many people's lives, and it is one of the main reasons why some men decide to take their own lives. It is disheartening to contemplate the lost lives that could have been saved if these individuals had sought help or received support from their loved ones.

In today's episode, we will have Anson Whitmer and Tyler Sheaffer as our guests. They will shed light on the importance of prioritizing mental health and introduce us to an application called Mental, specifically designed for men with a focus on mental health care.

Let us approach this topic with the seriousness it deserves and make a conscious effort to take care of our mental well-being. Seeking support is not a sign of weakness but a courageous act undertaken by strong individuals. It requires adopting a "badass" attitude, characterized by bravery and a willingness to confront and address our mental health challenges.


When he was young, two close male relatives of his took their own lives. This experience motivated him to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and develop the Calm app. Anson has personally witnessed how our current societal dialogue on mental health fails to resonate with men. It lacks a focus on men's specific needs. Considering that men account for 80% of suicides, addressing this crisis requires innovative approaches to support men's mental well-being.

Out of the thousands of mental health apps available, Mental is the first one that has been designed from the ground up with men in mind.


Tyler Sheaffer is a product engineer who played a pivotal role in building the Calm app. He dedicated his skills and expertise to the development of the app. Additionally, Tyler is an avid ocean paddler, engaging in this activity on a daily basis.





[02:46] Meeting the Mental App guys.

[08:34] Building the Mental App: Embracing technology for mental well-being.

[11:45] Fostering connections and support among men.

[16:38] Redefining male socialization as strength.

[22:25] Addressing mental challenges for men.

[27:54] The phone paradox.

[36:35] Feedback and practical approaches for men's mental health.

[43:15] Understanding male suicides.

[47:50] Rebranding mental health: Making it cool and appealing.

[53:49] Embracing challenges: Motivating men through the Mental App.

[58:19] Where to find the Mental App.

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