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| Aug 17, 2020

The new paradigm of motherhood with Rebecca Freeman

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Motherhood is one of the most important things in society. Mothers raise, love and lead the future generations. So, to honor all the mothers out there, today's guest is a mother willing to break motherhood paradigms, her name is Rebecca Freeman. In this episode, Rebecca shares the importance of finding your true self. We also talked about a mother's sexuality, men's responsibilities and her work helping other mothers to be who they truly are in order to transform their lives.

About Rebecca Freeman

Rebecca is the vision keeper for a New Paradigm for Motherhood. She activates mothers around the world to release old programming and conditioning that is ready to be transformed into freedom and empowerment, unlocking them to live in their truth and authenticity.

Rebecca has trained with shamanic practitioners, experienced sex coaches, expert Human Design trainers and world leading healers and coaches to become a woman of immense skill. Living integrated in her full power her clients also benefit from her natural energetic gifts of deep intuition, primal wisdom and ability to find clarity within chaos.

Currently Rebecca is back living in Australia with her children after six months working and training with powerful healers overseas.

Connect with Rebecca

Website: rebeccafreemancoaching.com
Facebook: @rebeccafreemancoaching
Instagram: @rebeccafreemancoaching

Her current course: rebeccafreemancoaching.com/yoniactivation

What you'll hear

1:52 The importance of motherhood in the world.

3:03 Rebecca's thoughts about the lack of motherhood.

4:20 Rebecca talks about the new paradigm.

6:13 Rebecca's becoming a mother experience.

8:25 Rebecca's finding herself experience.

10:47 Society and criticism about motherhood.

15:45 Men responsibilities.

20:21 How looks like to be a mother in Western world.

23:47 Rebecca's opinion about the women as creators of life.

26:11 Mother's sexuality.

30:23 What does 'Coming home to themselves' means.

32:14 How having children changed Rebecca's life.

33:58 Why mom's boundaries are okay.

38:33 Rebecca's advices as sexual coach.

44:36 Partner growth and sexual energy.

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