The UNcivilized Podcast

| Apr 16, 2020

The Power of Pleasure with Jamie Thompson

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The power of pleasure is life-giving. Pleasure can be used to help you attain new levels of consciousness and enlightenment. This episode is filled with wisdom from holistic sex and intimacy coach Jamie Thompson. Her guidance for women is unmatched and she truly helps women discover how to reprioritize and take action on what they want. Jamie touches on her own experiences with cervical orgasms and how they differ from g-spot and clitoral orgasms. She talks about developing erotic rituals into your life and how to get in touch with your feminine body. We also explore developing a posture of availability and how you can accept masculine support even during a time of social isolation.

About Jamie Thompson

Jamie is on a mission to create empowered, liberated people who are connected to their sexual power source.

She supports high powered couples and influential individuals in awakening the most underestimated personal development resource that exists today: their sex life.

She does this by teaching people the tools to get their intimate needs deeply and specifically met and how to quickly navigate conflict with open, loving communication.

Connect with Jamie

Instagram: @holisticsexcoach

What You’ll Hear

3:55 How Jamie is feeling during this season
8:06 Learning to successfully navigate guilt
10:42 Having the conversations that matter in your relationships
14:17 A reprioritizing exercise you can do
16:54 How you can take action even while in social isolation
19:11 Why now is a great time to get in touch with your feminine body
21:18 Opening a dialogue with what’s happening in your body
22:19 The first step in getting reconnected with your sexuality
24:54 How cervical orgasms have opened her up to a deeper dimension
26:06 Her first cervical orgasm experience
28:43 Developing erotic rituals into your life
31:06 Why you don’t need to be in a relationship to have pleasure
35:10 How to develop a posture of availability
37:12 How Jamie is feeling right now about social isolation and what she’s doing to accept masculine energy and support
42:47 Cutting through the ego battle and letting your heart speak


“Whatever our deep-rooted issues are that are not seen are going to come out right now.”

“Actually look at the values and what matters and set some boundaries.”

“Relationship, intimacy, community and sex really matter to people.”

“How can I adjust and make space for things that matter?”

“There’s so much inner work that needs to take place to change the inner landscape to have us be a match for what we really want externally.”

“I look at this as a lifelong journey that I am a lifelong student of.”

“Moving through the reflexology points that live on your cervix. It’s just like reflexology on your feet and neck, if they don’t work out they just stay there, build up more tension and eventually cause more problems.”

“It’s just entering a space where spirituality and sexuality meet.”

“I love ritual instead of routine because it’s like bringing sacredness and reverence to the mundane.”

“It’s our birthright to have our own turn-ons.”

“Show up with 100% of what you want and then stick around to negotiate.”

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