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| Nov 20, 2020

Trauma, healing, and horses with Duey Freeman

Duey Freeman

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There's a place where the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energy boundaries touch each other and that creates contact. This contact is important because it is the one that is going to create a connection between every being, and that is what our today's guest is going to be talking about. The first-class healer Duey Freeman and I had an incredible conversation about contact, the power, and control in a relationship, and the creation of trust in them through trauma. I recommend you to not miss this episode because it is going to blow your mind.

About Duey Freeman

Duey Freeman, MA, LPC is co-founder of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies, director of the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, and owner of his psychotherapy private practice. After teaching for 24 years at Naropa University he has decided to move in a more creative direction. Most recently and in collaboration with Kimberly Beck M Ed he has created: The Coming Home Project and Relational Rewilding Retreats.

As a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, and consultant, Duey has extensive training and experience in gestalt therapy, equine therapy, family therapy, bioenergetIcs, and counseling with children and adolescents. In 1982, Duey joined and revived the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, he co-founded the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies in 2008. This institute sprang out of the need for thorough training in working relationally with horses as therapeutic partners. GEIR is one of the only Institutes that require competence therapeutically as well as competence in relational horsemanship. Duey joined Naropa in 1992 and has been extensively involved in the creation of the Gestalt, Human Development, and Family Systems programs. He has helped to develop the Equine section of the Wilderness Therapy certification and degree. He taught for the University of Northern Colorado, traveling across Colorado teaching and working with school systems supporting teachers to better understand and work with the children they teach. Before working in higher education Duey was a therapist in the school system and a principal of a school.

Throughout the year, Duey partners with professional therapists and skilled horsemen and women throughout the country and world to provide psychotherapy, Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy, parenting, and human development workshops, and Relational Horsemanship classes. Some of Duey's partners include Joan Rieger, Duane Mullner, Erika Friess, Megan Powers, Rosemary Wyndham-Jones, Rob Pliskin, Kristi Moon, Kimberly Beck, and Amy and Steve LeSatz.

Connect with Duey

Email: [email protected]

What you'll hear

1:38 "What I want is the people to be powerful": Duey talks about the definition of power.
3:51 Power and control in a relationship
5:46 The definition of contact by Duey Freeman
9:38 Making contact through trauma
14:35 Creating trust to create a connection.
20:11 The safety in relationships
30:47 The difference between a man and a woman's life experiences
34:27 Duey advice to create an opening sensation in a relationship
36:58 Man's challenges to create openness in a relationship
42:00 The men's softness structure.
51:00 Join the UNcivilized nation
52:04 Healing through trauma
1:11:06 Humans as prey and predators.
1:21:34 Why men are so obsessed with the analogy.
1:28:28 Where to find Duey.

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