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| Mar 04, 2021

Uplevel your life with Eric Siu

Eric Siu

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Today's guest is Eric Siu, a gamer and CEO of the digital agency Single Grain. Also, he is the host of the massively popular podcast Marketing School and Growth Everywhere.

In today's episode, Eric will share what it is like to live through a video game perspective, turning his life into a constant level up in his personal and business life.

If you're interested in ramping up your marketing and sales tactics, this is your episode!


Eric Siu is the CEO of content intelligence software ClickFlow, which helps you grow your traffic while looking like a genius. He also owns ad agency Single Grain and has worked with companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, Salesforce and Uber to acquire more customers.

He hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Leveling Up, which combined have over 30 million downloads to date.

He also speaks frequently around the world on marketing and SaaS.​



Instagram: @ericosiu

Twitter: @ericosiu


[0:38] Meet Eric Siu.

[5:27] What does it mean to 'Level up the world.'

[11:54] What inspires him to write his book "Leveling Up."

[13:52] Eric's unique view about marketing and the business world.

[14:33] Marketing mistakes people often make.

[15:58] Defining 'Culture' and the importance of value matters.

[18:46] Key ingredients to create a great culture.

[21:12] Join the Uncivilized Nation.

[24:38] How Eric turned Single Grain from a failing company to a digital marketing powerhouse

[33:17] Eric's thoughts on the social media platforms degrowth.

[47:15] Covid: how to approach the changes in the market to grow your business.

[47:57] The things you need to look at before investing.

[49:53] Where to find Eric.

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